What We Do

Add recruiting horsepower to your search, get results faster!

Connecting today's best mortgage talent with the industry's premiere mortgage banking platforms.

We connect people and companies to each other who might not otherwise meet,  presenting options they might not ever learn about.  We offer consulting to both the employer and the candidate.

"I founded Network Recruiters in 1997, after working for a large agency.  My motivation was to start a firm very different from others in the recruiting industry.  My passion has always been to provide outstanding one on one personalized service, similar to a talent agent.  I observed the way other firms worked with candidates and employers, their sole purpose was volume and money, not service
or relationships.

I treat each potential placement as if I were the candidate making a career change, or as if I were the employer making the hire. Filling a job order with just any candidate is commonplace within the industry.  Filling a job order with the right candidate is always my focus.  For me, recruiting has always been about advancing careers, helping people and companies grow, and building long term relationships."

Jill Samuelson, President Network Recruiters

We promote and help mortgage professionals nationwide.

We believe listening to our clients is the most important part of our job. Your goals, business plan, and aspirations are what we are listening for. We work closely with you to understand your strategic objectives and to develop a game plan to assist you.

Professionalism & Confidentiality

Two non-negotiable items at Network Recruiters. We will not compromise our fiduciary responsibility, or your confidentiality, no exceptions. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your career, we will protect this privilege.

Success where preparation meets opportunity

We connect people & companies to each other who might not otherwise meet, presenting options they might not ever learn about.